Welcome to the Patient Navigator, Colorado Community Health Worker & Promotor de Salud Alliance

The Alliance promotes policies, programs, and partnerships that: reduce and eliminate barriers to quality health care both within health systems and the community; reduce disparities in health outcomes; and foster ongoing health equity. The Alliance believes that every Coloradan has an equal opportunity to obtain healthcare that personally addresses their medical, dental, mental, emotional, social determinants, and spiritual health needs.


The CHW PN PdS Alliance, with support from the Colorado Cancer Coalition

will be launching a webinar series for motivational interviewing this coming fall. 

In this effort we will be specifically dedicated to applying motivational interviewing techniques to

connect with difficult to reach populations throughout Colorado

to increase cancer screening and prevention



NACR’s Native Patient Navigation Quarterly Trainings

November 7-9, 2018

Native American Cancer Research Corporation (non-Profit)

Grants Office: 3022 South Nova Road, Pine, CO 80470

Phone: 303-838-9359; Survivors' Support Network:  800-537-8295

E-mail: or

Web Page:  http:/

Registration Form HERE

View Preliminary Agenda HERE




Thank you to Krista Beckwith, Sharon Adams, Kristin Paulson, Janet Steinkamp, Greta Klinger, Charlie Smith and Chris Armijo for your time in serving on the Steering Committee.  A special thank you to Krystal Morwood and Sarony Young as two of the longest serving and founding members of the Alliance, thank you for your commitment and continued support of the work.

2017 SC Members

Name Institution Focus
Andrea (Andi) Dwyer Colorado School of Public Health Statewide
Michael Sanchez Denver Health Patient Navigator Denver
Fernando Pineda Crea Results Northwestern Denver Metro
Amy Gallagher Mind Spring Health

Western Slope Colorado

Linda Burhanssipanov Native American Cancer Initiatives National Tribal
Sophia Alires Metro Community Provider Network Metro Denver
Christy Dodd Oral Health Colorado Statewide
Michelle East Pueblo Community Health Center Pueblo
Nick Flattery CPC Community Health Statewide
Erin Mooney Cultivado Commerce City Area
Sally Ryman Grand Network County Rural Health Grand County
Rebecca Speer Denver Health & Hospital Authority  Denver



We are always looking for new members and partners so please contact us if you would like to be a part of this community alliance.

To become an Alliance member please go to this link and let us know you are interested in participating -

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." - Henry Ford

For this version of the Charter, please share your Comments and thoughts (see attached Charter)
Attachments - PN CHW PdS Alliance Charter


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